Mornings on Main Street

Morn­ings on Main Street is a “must attend” event focus­ing on Down­town Stu­art with real infor­ma­tion on cur­rent top­ics and an oppor­tu­nity to meet like-minded peo­ple with a shared con­cern for Down­town Stu­art. For more infor­ma­tion, call Stu­art Main Street at 772–286-2848.

The next Morn­ings on Main Street is Thurs­day, May 25, 2017 at Mar­tin Health System.

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Thanks to Liz McKin­ley for these pho­tos from the March Morn­ings on Main Street cel­e­brat­ing the 30th anniver­sary of Stu­art Main Street and spon­sored by Bow­man Con­sult­ing and Stu­art Cof­fee Company.

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